September Announcements

Syllabus Collection
Please send an electronic copy of your syllabus and schedule for ENGL120 and ENGL121 to no later than this Friday, September 6. If you are using the same syllabus for multiple sections of a course, it is fine to submit a single copy.

Fall Meeting
Thirty-two of us met in PH414 last Friday afternoon, August 23, for the FYWP Fall Meeting. For a copy of the meeting agenda, contact Derek Mueller at The Fall 2013 FYWP Calendar of Events was also circulated at the meeting. The calendar is kept up-to-date online at

Profile Pages
Everyone in the FYWP has a profile page on the English Department website (, and I want to encourage you to customize your profile page to lend visibility to our dynamic instructional staff. At the very least, I am asking everyone who teaches in the FYWP to post office hours on your profile page.  To learn more about how to update your profile page, I have created two screencast tutorials at Each screencast is approximately six minutes long, and they step through the processes of logging in, customizing your profile photo, making changes to text, and publishing the changes to the site.

At the Fall Meeting, we announced that all part-time lecturers will have offices in Pray Harrold this fall. Desk spaces are currently assigned for alternating-day sharing, as much as possible, and there will, of course, be a smoothing out period as we begin to get a sense of when everyone has set their office hours. Floor plans and preliminary desk assignments in PH613P and PH424 are available in the Google Drive FYWP Shared Folder. PH424 is scheduled to have furniture installed on Wednesday, September 11.

First-year Writing Committee
The first meeting of the FYW Committee is scheduled for Friday, September 13, from 12-1 p.m. in PH211. This is an open, serve-at-will committee, but as I mentioned at the Fall Meeting, we will also be voting on a few proposals (i.e., for them to go before other committees or to go before the department for subsequent vote), the program directors will generate letters attesting to program-level service for all who attend four of the six meetings this academic year.

Needs/Gains Inventory
Thanks to everyone who completed the needs/gains inventory at the Fall Meeting. I have compiled the results into a single document and will share highlights at the FYW Committee meeting on the 13th.

Classroom Clocks
If you are teaching in PH415 this semester, we are aware that the wall clock is missing. In coordination with the Dean’s Office, we have ordered a new one, and it should be installed soon.