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The Eastern Michigan University Written Communication Program and the Michigan State University Writing and Digital Environments Research Center invite you (faculty, graduate and undergraduate students, teachers, community members, anyone interested) to propose ideas for the third annual WIDE-EMU, a free (un)conference on Saturday, October 12, 2013 in Ypsilanti, Mich. We seek proposals that engage the framing question for this year’s event:


What is “Free?” What does “free” mean as in open access (scholarship, textbooks, courses), “free” as in liberty (copyrights/lefts, released, unrestrained), and “free” as in without charge (software, conferences, beer)? How do these and competing notions of “Free(dom)” operate when we teach–particularly when we teach writing, and particularly when we focus on the use of technology to teach writing? And what are the hidden and not so hidden costs of “Free,” both literal and metaphorical? Learn more about WIDE-EMU ’13 at

Summer Restructuring

As the University makes the transition to a new content management system for all of its official web content (viz., English Language and Literature), we in the First-Year Writing Program are also changing up some of the auxiliary online platforms we will be using for curating teaching materials, posting announcements about activities in the program, and building a repository of resources useful to students enrolled in ENGL120 and ENGL121. This blog is one such platform.  Into this space, we will be publishing periodic announcements about various program initiatives, such as General Education and program-level assessment, ongoing curricular revisions, professional development opportunities, including teaching circles, workshops, and reading groups, and much more. In addition to this blog, we are developing a FYWP knowledge base wiki, which will be introduced at the Fall 2013 program retreat.

Watch for more announcements here later this summer.