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Bretford laptop cart
A laptop cart is available for use in First-year Writing classes scheduled on Pray Harrold's fourth floor.

The laptop cart is stored in PH423, a closet adjacent to the First-year Writing Center (cluster of classrooms). The cart contains 25 Macbook Airs. The laptops are configured to prompt users to logon to the EMU Wireless system as soon as the system is turned on. Below you will find a complete list of software installed on the laptops. Note that the laptops are running Deep Freeze, which prohibits long-term local file storage. As such, users of the laptops are strongly encouraged to save their work to a USB drive or cloud-based alternative (e.g., Dropbox). Unsaved work is not stored on the laptop between work sessions.

How do I reserve the cart?

Cart reservations may be made by anyone actively teaching in the First-year Writing Program. Reserve the cart online at Reservations must be made at least one full week in advance of the class in which you plan to use the cart. You may schedule up to two reservations per class at any time (i.e., to ensure the cart's maximum availability across the program, scheduling is both rationed and staggered). Reservations are processed on a first come, first served basis.

Are there time constraints on the cart's availability?

Yes. Due to the department office's hours of operation, the cart is not for any sections schedule at or after 5 p.m. Sections beginning at the following times may reserve and make full use of the cart: 8, 9:30, 11, 12:30, 2, and 3:30 p.m. If you teach an 8 a.m. section and have reserved the cart, you should plan to begin your class with a focused activity, then go to the department office to retrieve the key between 8 and 8:05 a.m.

If I teach an evening class, how can I gain access to a computer lab?

Evening sections have limited access to College of Arts and Sciences computer labs or labs in Halle Library. To inquire about reserving a CAS computer lab for your class, ask Cindy Young or Shayna White in the English Department office. For Halle Library inquiries, visit We recommend planning ahead by at least one week when making such inquiries.

How can I find out who has the cart reserved already?

The laptop cart schedule is available for review online at

What if I teach at 8 a.m. or at or after 5 p.m.? What are the alternatives for access?

Periodic lab reservations are available depending on the day and time requested. To inquire about lab availability, contact Cindy Young in the English Department office. Please limit your request to no more than two class sessions and make all reservation requests a full week in advance of the class sessions in question.

How does cart check-in and check-out work on the day I am scheduled to use it?

Go to the English Department office (PH612M) and ask for the lanyard with the key to the cart storage closet. You will hold onto the key for the duration of the class session for which you are using the cart. Open PH423. Unplug the cart. Wheel the cart to your classroom. Important: Do not leave the cart unattended as you are responsible for it for the entire time you have it checked out. Keep the cart plugged in while it is in your classroom. Use a check-out sheet to keep track of which students are using which laptops (i.e., have students write down their names and the number of the laptop). At the end of class, promptly return the laptop cart to PH423. Plug in the cart to ensure it is fully charged for the next instructor. Make sure the closet door is closed and locked. Return the key and lanyard to the English Department office to complete the cart check-in process.

What if I notice a problem with the cart?

Report any problems with the cart to the English Department office and to the Director or Associate Director of the First-year Writing Program.

How can I try out one of the laptops (i.e., get to know better how it works)?

Contact Derek Mueller to arrange a brief introduction to the laptops or stop by the FYWP Director's office during posted office hours to try one for a few minutes.

What software is installed on the computers?

Visible in dock: Firefox, Chrome, Evernote, Textwrangler, MS Office/Word, MS Office/Excel, MS Office/Powerpoint, Cyberduck, Dreamweaver, CMap Tools, Photo Booth, iMovie, iPhoto, Garageband, Preview, System Preferences. Installed, though not visible in dock: Handbrake, Textmate, App Store, Calculator, Calendar, Dictionary, Image Capture, iPhoto, iTunes, Quicktime, TextEdit, Automator, Chess, Contacts, FaceTime, Game Center, Mail, Messages, Notes, Stickies, Time Machine.