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For the 2013-2014 academic year, the First-Year Writing Program is using the following textbooks:

For AY 2013-2014, all sections of ENGL120 will require Lunsford's The Everyday Writer with Exercises (5th edition, with LearningCurve)
Lunsford's The Everyday Writer
. Copies for Fall 2013 have been ordered and will be available in the EMU Student Center Bookstore and Ned's Bookstore.

Additional materials may be required or recommended at each instructor's discretion.


For AY 2013-2014, individual instructors may choose. In the year ahead, we will be making program-wide decisions about textbook adoptions (or alternatives) in ENGL121.

The First-year Writing program encourages instructors to assign as readings and instructional resources materials available from the following: