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In Fall 2013, the FYWP is revising its equivalency and substitution standards for AP, International Baccalaureate, and CLEP, to bring the program more fully in alignment with the September 2013 Council of Writing Program Administrators Statement on Pre-College Credit. The adjustments will be posted here and submitted to the Office of Registration and Records as soon as the recommendations are complete.

Provisionally, the program equivalencies and substitutions are forthcoming as follows:

ACT and SAT-based Waivers

Students with an ACT English sub-score of 29 or higher, or an SAT Verbal sub-score of 640 or higher, are waived from the ENGL/WRTG121 General Education requirement.

Advanced Placement (AP) (proposed/updated)

English Language AP - a 3 earns credit for ENGL/WRTG120

English Language AP - a 4 or higher earns credit for ENGL/WRTG120 and ENGL/WRTG121

CLEP (proposed/updated; no change)

CLEP credit is not available for ENGL/WRTG121 (effective 2010).

College Composition Modular [formerly English Composition/Freshman College Composition CLEP, discontinued in 2010] - a 65 or higher earns credit for ENGL/WRTG120

College Composition [formerly English Composition with essay CLEP, discontinued in 2010] - a 65 or higher earns credit for ENGL/WRTG120

EMU does not provide a locally controlled writing exam complementary to the College Composition Modular test; however, we maintain that listing the exam equivalency this way will ensure that students who have completed this exam elsewhere will be awarded comparable, fair credit appropriate for the scores shown.

International Baccalaureate (IB) (proposed/updated)

Language (English) A1 HL - a 4 or higher earns credit for ENGL/WRTG120

Language (English) A1 SL - a 4 or higher earns credit for ENGL/WRTG120

At this time, we do not recommend a waiver/equivalency for ENGL/WRTG121 based on IB scores, consistent with the September 2013 CWPA Position Statement on Pre-College Credit for Writing.

Transfer Credit Equivalency

Direct transfer credit equivalencies are determined by the Office of Registration and Records. A complete list of direct transfer credit equivalencies is available online at http://www.emich.edu/admissions/requirements/transfer_credit.php. Non-direct transfer credit equivalency requests must be submitted for portfolio-based substitution.

For more information about portfolio-based substitution and equivalency for ENGL121, visit http://fywp.emuenglish.org/?page_id=27.