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Key requests are coordinated between the Department of English Language and Literature and the Physical Plant. If you need a key to an office or a suite door, begin the process by inquiring in the department office. Once a key request form has been entered, keys will be available at the Physical Plant Key Office and Lock Shop, located on the north side of the Parking Structure:

The Physical Plant Key Office and Lock Shop has now moved to the new Central Operations location, formerly known as the "old" DPS; Parking Structure. We have the same phone numbers. Office hours are from 8am - 5pm, closed for lunch from 1pm - 2pm. There is parking off to your left on the side as you are entering off of Oakwood. Lock emergencies will follow the same procedure by calling 734.487.1000.

If you lose a key, please notify the department office right away.

Regular classrooms should be open for your use any time a class is scheduled. For one-time, emergency access to a locked classroom, contact EMU Public Safety at 734-487-1222. Key access for computer labs must be coordinated through the department office.

Part-time lecturers and graduate assistants must turn in all keys to the department office before the end of April each year.