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To access syllabus templates for the 2016-2017 AY, visit the FYWP Shared Folder in Google Drive.

The FYWP offers the following outline of sections instructional staff might include in course syllabi:

  • Instructor name, contact information, office location, and office hours
  • Course title and description (from current catalog)
  • Course overview/description/rationale
  • Course outcomes (required)
  • Course texts and materials
  • Feedback (i.e., explanation of how and when students will receive feedback from you)
  • Grading (required)
    • Portfolios
    • Turning in Work
      • Turning in Work/Keep Everything
      • Late Work
  • Course policies
    • Attendance and participation
    • Computer and Internet Usage
    • Communication with Peers; Communication with Instructor
    • Email
    • Academic Integrity
    • Disability Resource Center (DRC)
    • Academic Projects Center
    • University Writing Center