January Announcements

Here are the latest announcements from the FYWP.

Syllabus Collection
Please send as an attachment a copy of your 2014 syllabus and schedule for ENGL120 and/or ENGL121 to emu.fywp@gmail.com no later than this Friday, January 10, 2014. We are collecting syllabi and schedules more routinely as an aspect of ongoing program assessment. In addition and on behalf of the English Department office, Cindy Young is requesting both paper and electronic copies of syllabi be sent to her. Details about this related request are in campus mailboxes.

Photocopy Allocations
New this semester, if you are teaching just one section of FYW, you will have 500 copies and 500 prints on the copier in the mailroom (PH 612C). If you are teaching more than one section, you will have 500 copies and 500 prints set on each copier (PH 612T, PH 612B, and PH 612C). Please direct questions about copy allocations to Marie, or, if you are requesting additional copies, you should contact Mary Ramsey with your request.

Winter 2014 Calendar of FYWP Events
The Winter 2014 Calendar is available on the FYWP blog at http://fywp.emuenglish.org/?p=115. We will provide paper copies of the calendar in your campus mailbox by the end of the week. Note that there are several professional development opportunities, including a CV workshop (2/7), a reading group get-together considering Doug Brent’s “The Research Paper and Why We Should Still Care” (3/14), and a conference proposal-writing workshop (4/22).

Laptop Cart
Please remember that the laptop cart is available for your use this semester. For more information about reserving the cart, visit http://fywp.emuenglish.org/w/Laptop_Cart. At the start of the semester, you can reserve up to two dates. After January 17, we will expand this to allow for scheduling up to six dates (or more, on a case-by-case basis).

Online Profile Pages
Remember to update your online profile page to include, at a minimum, your office hours for Winter 2014. For a refresher on how to make changes to your page, visit http://fywp.emuenglish.org/w/Profiles.

Did you know?

  • In Fall 2013, a FYWP prefix change was approved, which means that beginning in Summer 2014, ENGL120 and ENGL121 will be cross-listed as ENGL/WRTG120 and ENGL/WRTG121 for one year. In Fall 2015, these classes will be listed officially (e.g., in the catalog) as WRTG120 and WRTG121.
  • The Assessment Subcommittee of the FYWP Committee is revising course outcomes this year with a focus on what distinguishes ENGL120 from ENGL121, specifically.
  • As of January 6, we are offering 64 sections of FYW to 1,556 students this semester. A year ago (WI13) we offered 48 sections.
  • Several photographs by Jack Visnaw showcase the December 2013 Celebration of Student Writing (25th Semiannual!) and are available in this Flickr photoset: http://www.flickr.com/photos/emu_csw. Tom Ulch also a collection of photos of the event at The Hive Ann Arbor, http://thehiveannarbor.com/emus-celebration-of-student-writing-fall-2013/. The Winter 2014 Celebration of Student Writing will be held on Tuesday, April 8, from 4-5:30 p.m. in the Student Center Ballroom.
  • Working in close coordination with the University Writing Center, we are piloting WRTG177: Writing in College this semester. WRTG177 is a one-credit course that provides structured writing support throughout the semester. We opened seven sections, and all have filled, so 42 students are taking part in the pilot this semester.