Teacher to Teacher at CCCC 2018

A new-emerging embedded presentation venue isĀ  being launched this year at the 2018 CCCC in Kansas City, March 14-17. Christine Cucciarre, Director of Composition at U Delaware, has started a program called Teacher to Teacher, which is designed to be a teaching-focused alternative to the well-established Research Network Forum (RNF) that usually runs on the first day of the convention. Teacher to Teacher seeks to sponsor and generate pedagogical cross-talk on the Saturday of the convention (3/17). The deadline for proposals is December 15, 2017. It promises to be a terrific venue for in-progress teacher-research and for the good work you are doing with FYW classes at EMU.

To learn more about this new program and to see the CFP, visit https://sites.google.com/udel.edu/teacher2teacher.

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