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Eastern Michigan University Official Attendance Policy for All Students

The following policy is established in the 2009-2011 Undergraduate Catalog:

Regular class attendance and active participation in classes are important elements in the learning process. Students are at the University primarily for the sake of their intellectual growth and development. Attendance and participation provide appropriate opportunities for the evaluation of the student’s progress. Each student is personally responsible for the satisfactory completion of the course work prescribed by his/her instructors. This means specifically that he/she is expected to attend classes regularly, and that he/she is responsible for the work assigned in class, the material covered in class and for participation in class activities (including discussion and listening) designed by the instructor as part of the learning experience. However, physical attendance shall not be the sole criterion for determining the student’s course grade.

The First-Year Writing Program is currently seeking approval for a program-specific policy that frames attendance not as a sole criterion but as a hybrid criterion that couples presence with in-class participation.

Regular attendance and participation in class activities are vital to your success in this course. Language is learned and practiced in communities. If you must miss a class, you are still responsible for all work assigned, including turning work in by stated deadlines. Please understand that class time cannot be reconstructed or made up, and that your performance, your work, and your final course grade will be impacted by absences. If you miss more than three class sessions, your final course grade will be reduced by a full letter for each absence numbered four and five. If you miss the equivalent of three weeks of classes or more, you will no longer be eligible for a passing grade in the course.