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Part-time Lecturer Hiring Checklist

  1. Complete and assemble New Academic Hire Packet
    1. Application (print from Neogov website or fill out second copy)
    2. Curriculum vitae
    3. Original transcripts for highest degree earned (unless degree was awarded by EMU)
    4. Demographic sheet (in new hire packet)
    5. I-9 (PDF available at AHR website under Forms; Federal law requires that this must be completed within first 3 days of employment)
      1. The I-9 requires you to present two forms of ID when you submit it. See p. 9 of the I-9 PDF for specifics about acceptable forms of ID.
    6. MPSERS verification (in new hire packet)
    7. Online Sexual Harassment Training (EMU requires that this must be completed within first 2 weeks of employment)
    8. Offer letter (initiated in English Department)
      1. Meet with Department Head before offer letter can be sent
    9. Personnel Action Form or PAF (initiated in English Department)

Deliver the completed New Academic Hire Packet to Academic Human Resources in 100A McKenny Hall (8-5, M-F). Contact Academic Human Resources at 734-487-0076 with any questions about components 1.1-1.7. Within two weeks of receiving your completed New Academic Hire Packet (i.e., items a-i above) Academic Human Resources will provide your EID to the English Department Head who will relay it to you.

  1. After you receive your EID
    1. Email. Create a my.emich account (Banner) and an emich.edu email account at http://www.emich.edu/it/passwords/emich/create_account/index.php
    2. ID Card. Visit the Eagle One office in 201 Pierce Hall to obtain your ID card.
    3. Website profile. Send a copy of your EID, your emich.edu email address, and a head and shoulder photograph (preferably .jpg or .png) for your program profile page online to emu.fywp@gmail.com.
    4. Mailbox. You will be set up with a mailbox (in Pray-Harrold 612C) and an office/workspace (in Pray-Harrold 613P or 424). Offices are combination coded. You can obtain the combination code from the main office or from the Director of the First-year Writing Program.
    5. Parking pass. You will also be notified about the availability of a parking pass before the start of classes. Passes can be picked up in the English Department when they become available.
    6. Instructor resources. Refer to EMU FYWP wiki "Instructor Resources" for information about classrooms, course shell requests, and more: http://fywp.emuenglish.org/w/
    7. Listservs. Your emich.edu email address will be added to two program listservs: fywp_discussion@list.emich.edu and fywp_ptls@list.emich.edu. The discussion listserv reaches everyone associated with the FYWP, and you are encouraged to use it when you have questions about appropriate for program-wide inquiry. The ptls listserv reaches only part-time lecturers.
    8. Photocopies. The department will set you up with a copy code. Once it is set up, you will receive further instructions, and you will receive a copy of the code in your campus/department mailbox.
    9. Textbooks. Textbooks for Fall have been ordered. Exam copies and instructor guides for the program's two required texts—Writing in Action and Understanding Rhetoric—will be available in your campus mailbox, or you can obtain them from the FYWP Director.
    10. Program documents. For access to the program's document repository, where you will find copies of boilerplate syllabi, blank schedules, and curriculum maps, visit http://fywp.emuenglish.org/w/Syllabus. The updated materials will be available in early July.
    11. Fall meeting. Plan to attend the FYWP Fall Meeting on Thursday, August 18. Details are forthcoming. The all-day meeting includes an overview of the program led by program directors and a pedagogical workshop led by Jonathan Alexander, co-author of Understanding Rhetoric.