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Effective in January 2014, the FYWP maintains five listservs for communication with program instructional staff.

  1. fywp_grad -AT- - Graduate assistants who teach in the FYWP
  2. fywp_ptls -AT- - Part-time lecturers who teach in the FYWP
  3. fywp_ftls -AT- - Full-time lecturers who teach in the FYWP
  4. fywp_discussion -AT- - A discussion listserv for the entire program. This listserv is set up for you to post questions or announcements, to discuss issues, to share resources, and so on. (55 members)

Note that anyone can send messages to any of these lists, but lists 1-3 are moderated, which means that all messages sent to them will be held for approval (approval usually does not take longer than 24 hours). All four lists are updated to include only current/active instructional staff shortly after the end of a semester. For now, fywp_discussion -AT- is configured to be an open discussion list, meaning that anyone on the list can post immediately, without moderation. Posts sent by anyone who is not on the list (or sent from an email address not affiliated with the list) will be held for moderator approval. Lists 1-3 will are to be used for more formal announcements, usually from program directors. The discussion list is appropriate for posing questions, sharing good news, spreading the word about an upcoming event, and so on.

With the start of the listservs mentioned above, the FYWP's long-standing lists, emu_tas -AT- and emuts -AT- have been discontinued.